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As I mentioned recently, I’m using half-page character sheets for the NPCs and their demons, to save table space during combats.  When every PC and NPC brings a demon or two to the fight, the playing surface gets crowded in a hurry!

Here they are:

Sorcerer half-page chr sheets – NPC Sorcerers

Sorcerer half-page chr sheets – Demons

Print them out double-sided and cut them across the middle.  In case it’s confusing: write your answers below each heading like “Appearance,” “Telltale,” etc., except write above the line for “Name.”   The “Kicker/Conspiracy” field is there in case you have multiple groups to keep track of: the vampire court, a satanist cult and the Young Sorcerers Party, for example.  Under “Need” are the stages of demon hunger, from “Sated” to “Vengeful.”  Circle the demon’s current mood based on how it is treated, used, wounded, and fed.

Hope y’all find them useful!

-Johnny 0.

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