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I wanted to show someone my notebook for my homebrew D&D campaign. I keep it in OneNote, which is perfect. You can organize info into tabs (chapters), pages and sub-pages, and headings and sub-headings on a page. And you can cross-link to other pages and sub-headings. I gather EverNote can work the same way. And Sly Flourish swears by Notion.so, which is (I gather) like a free version of OneNote. Details on Notion.so here (link).

Here’s my campaign notebook in OneNote:

Tabs for DM tools (like random tables, CR charts), session notes (shown), PCs, NPCs, custom monsters, scenarios (adventures), fronts, factions, a world almanac, and more. Each tab has several pages under it. I could never keep all this info organized in a word processor.

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