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Third of three character sketches of the player-characters.

Mosun Akao of Lormyr (human)

Human, Lormyrian, late 40s. A sea trader and a secret priest of Law.

As a sea-trader, Mosun visits many Young Kingdoms, ferrying all goods via Imrryr in accordance with imperial decree. This vocation gives him the freedom of movement to search the Bright Empire for his son Tarin, who was kidnapped by slavers ten years ago (at the age of 5). The ex-priest of Law also takes the opportunity to spread the worship of Elgis of Law – secretly so, in Melnibone.


Mosun Akao was a Lormyrian priest of Law. His mentor, Rumon, is the high priest of Elgis in Lormyr. When his son was kidnapped, Mosun and Rumon Contacted a demon of Law for help, but it attached many pre-conditions to its aid. Mosun grew impatient with the Law demon’s demands, and secretly Contacted a demon of Chaos instead. (more…)

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The second of three character sketches of the player-characters.

Lord Hibbukal of Khanjar’a

Exalt-Surgeon.  Younger brother of Duke Sendric.

Hibbukal is a frighteningly brilliant man who tends to arrogance.  He sees the incestuous decadence that afflicts Melnibonéan society and believes that the empire can only be saved by a near-death experience.  Only an ex-sanguination, perhaps brought on by a barbarian invasion, can wake Melniboné from itd deathbed and inspire the renewal it needs.  He believes that his destiny lies in going abroad, advising some human king and fomenting and aiding an uprising.


Born with a voracious intellect, Hibbukal studied medicine and surgery as well as sorcery.  In his twenties, he fell under an extended illness.  His body wasted and many expected that he would die.

His father Duke Arandur had been secretly grooming Hibbukal to be the next Duke, but after two years of illness, shifted his favour to Hibbukal’s brother Sendric.  Meanwhile, Hibbukal came to suspect that he was host to a demonic parasite, but needed supernatural aid to heal himself.  The family summoned a Chaos demon (“it had five arms and a face that was almost all mouth and all teeth – opened up to be almost the whole size of its face, like a predatory fish”), but the demon refused to help one so weak.  Thus spurned, Hibbukal secretly researched demons of Law.  He learned that house Jifar’a was the custodian of a forbidden tome of Law sorcery, The Book Of The Inverted Eye.  He entreated his brother Sendric to steal it for him. (more…)

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Here’s a page that identifies eight noble houses with significant roles in our Dictionary of Elric game.  Thanks to Ry for the layout idea.

(click HERE to download PDF).

Dictionary of Elric Melnibonean Noble Houses



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House Khanjar’a

House Khanjar’a is Imrryr’s top importer of exotic luxuries from the Western Continent. Shazaar is their only territory, but they are expert at delving the Western wilds to acquire slaves, beasts, delicacies, intoxicants and magical herbs. The memorable success of any party is assured if Khanjar’a can be secured to supply it.

Sendric became Duke when his father, Arandur, was declared insane by the family. Arandur remains locked in the tower’s uppermost floors. Mirzomar (Arandur’s brother-in-law) is now the most powerful sorcerer in the family.

Khanjar’a has recently begun importing a new intoxicant, called Totemflower, The Azure Blossom, which allows its users to partake of each other’s immediate sensations. It is favoured by lovers and sadists alike.

Duke Sendric Khanjar’a


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Lord Radric of Hekhem’a

He roams the young kingdoms to prove that Melnibonéans are still masters there. With his personal demon and small entourage of heavies, he goes where he will, expecting royal treatment, making outrageous demands, and severely punishing anyone who fails to comply. Leaves a trail of traumatized women and dead men. Twice yearly he returns to Melniboné – ostensibly for his children’s birthdays – to boast of his exploits, his power to subjugate, and his cruelty. 40s, meaty build, black goatee and shoulder-length black hair in oiled curls. His interest in Hekhem’a family affairs is limited.

Radric carries a demonic sword (object demon) named Grayfang, the Wolfblade. The hilt sports a red gem worked into an eye motif surrounded by silver etched to resemble fur. Its abilities include Hold, Boost (Stamina) and Perception (scent). It Desires alpha-male behaviour of its wielder.

(Edited 2011-Feb-21 — to move Radric to House Hekhem’a.  -J.)

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Duke Mirolorm Hekhem’a

Melnibonéan courtier and patriarch of the Hekhem’a family. Slight man with long wavy brown hair worn parted in the middle, and a sharply trimmed goatee. Favours leather vests and billowy shirts, riding boots, and is never without his sabre and elbow-length fencing gloves. His dueling skills are legendary. House Hekhem’a holds the taxation rights to Vilmir. Duke Mirolorm proudly proclaims that his house has not allowed Vilmir to miss paying the tithe in three centuries. He is impatient with others’ failure to bring their territories to heel.

House Hekhem’a keeps Vilmir in an iron grip, the young kingdom is rarely free of Melnibonean oversight. The laxity of other houses, and the freedom it accords Vilmir’s neighbours, is a growing inconvenience for Mirolorm. Vilmir too grows more insolent every year. Mirolorm petitions the emperor to give him the whole Eastern continent, in return for which he guarantees that all taxes will be paid, and on time.

(Edited 2011-Feb-21 — changed Mirolorm to House Hekhem’a. -J.)

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Duke Daikoon Kleodas’a

Patriarch of the Kleodas’a family. Elderly fellow who favours simple black robes and a priest-like deportment. Short white hair and very pointy ears. Speaks with a voice like a creaking door. Since the emperor’s withdrawal from society, Daikoon has taken to interjecting ominous oracles into every conversation, as if he knows more than he is telling. Maybe he does. Daikoon is one of the strongest proponents of re-summoning the Demon Lords.

The secretive Kleodas’as are the self-appointed loremasters of Chaos. The emperors may be the high priests of Chaos, responsible for maintaining the pacts with the Demon Lords, but their minds are most often on earthly matters. The Kleodas’as are dedicated scholars of Chaos: its demons, its legends, its prophesies, and the history of its interactions with mortals. Val’demarna, the tower of house Kleodas’a, is one of the oldest in Imrryr, and the contents of its private library are the subject of much speculation. Emperors consult with the Kleodas’as on cosmic matters.

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Melnibonéan noblewoman.  Her husband died searching for the runeswords, attempting to satisfy her ambitions for him. Now she has no position at court and is dependent on her relations. The stigma chafes her – powerless wife of a henpecked fool whose reach exceeded his grasp. She has sworn that her sons (now teens) will surpass their father in power and importance. She teaches them pride, and to never let an insult go unanswered.

Drotar. One of the sons. 15 years old, big chip on his shoulder. Always challenging people to sabre duels. Has killed a few peers – he’s actually pretty good. Adults don’t usually accept his challenges and mock him instead, which drives him into fits of rage. He trains at arms obsessively. Plans to join the imperial guard when he is of age – if he lives that long.

Nrothar. The other son. 17 years old, enormous, ambitionless brute. A terrifying bareknuckle fighter but has no interest in weapons training. Bullies other youths into doing things for him. Likes wine and any other sort of intoxicant.


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