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Even when I’m not the designated GM (and so have no prep to do between game nights), I still spend a lot of my free time on gaming stuff: sometimes writing down and working out ideas, but mostly just reading: reading gaming blogs and forums, reading gaming news and articles, and reading games.

Right now I’m reading Fate Core, which is simply the FATE rules abstracted from any setting and published as a stand-alone system.  Next I plan to read Savage Worlds (finally).

Probably my favourite movies of all time are the Indiana Jones films.  How could I best create such high-flying adventures at the table, and what system would I use?  That’s the question that’s always at the back of my mind as I’m reading new game systems.  I know it will take more than just the right system; probably the prep, the players’ approach to the game, and the GMing techniques, will be just as important as system.  I read games as much for the GMing advice as anything else.

Other questions on my mind as I read games:

  • Who authors the story: the players, the GM, or does everybody play to find out what happens?
  • How does this game make failure interesting?
  • How does this game help us to create surprising and intricate scenes, people, and plot twists?
    • Somewhere between “memorize this encyclopedia about this fictional world” and “make up the setting yourself!” is the sweet spot in which the game provides plenty of provocative setting elements, and inspires the players to mould their own game-world out of it.  Does this game lunge for the sweet spot?  Does it strike a bullseye?


Random tangent:

  • It would be instructive to play Microscope a few times in a row, and generate a bunch of very different game worlds.

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