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Nine days til game time.  Here is one of the three awesome player-characters that I can’t wait to see spring into action.

Wolfgang von Braun

As a field medic in the Czech army, Petr Svoboda was involved in some dire warfare. He was captured by the Germans and forced to treat their wounded in a battlefield hospital, assisting an old German doctor. As the Czech dreamed of escape, a voice sometimes spoke to him from the empty air, encouraging him to take action. Eventually he came to accept that he wasn’t going crazy, that some spirit bound to the German doctor was speaking to him. The spirit was planning a mutiny of its own, it seemed. The “demon” could help Petr escape, if only he would kill the German doctor and assume his identity. The Czech had some German as well as French and English. With the doctor’s clothes and papers, and the demon’s magic, he would easily pass as a German army doctor.

As the fighting front approached the field hospital, the Czech acceded to the demon’s crazy scheme. He walked away from the final battle a “liberated” German officer POW. His age and “wounds” required that he be relocated to North Africa’s more favourable climate and gentler pace. The demon’s help was needed at every stage of the journey, to maintain his false identity. By the time they reached Morocco, he had bound the demon.

Now a decorated German veteran, “Dr. Wolfgang von Braun” enjoys semi-retirement in Casablanca. He works part-time in a German army hospice on the edge of town, runs a leisurely private practice, and has lots of spare time. Letters from the wife of the murdered German doctor continue to reach him via the German army post. Out of guilt or compassion, he writes back to her in the doctor’s voice.  After months of correspondence, he feels that he might be falling in love with her.

  • The inconspicuous demon confers the ability Cover (German army doctor), and also knows enough about von Braun’s personal life to make the Czech’s ruse nearly impenetrable.
  • Since he and the French resistance fighter recognized each other as sorcerer’s, von Braun has studied his book of sorcery, and understood much of it (Lore 4, solitary adept).

Demon: “Bacillus”

Inconspicuous demon,  confers Cloak and Cover (German doctor), and has Daze, Link and Special Damage (disease). S5/W6/L5/P6.

  • Desire is Corruption: any activity can be subverted into a dysfunctional version. Bacillus often presses von Braun into gambling, and then helps the good doctor to cheat.
  • Need is malpractice or causing medical harm. Von Braun meets this Need by performing unnecessary amputations, giving the most painful available remedies, allowing infections to develop, performing back-alley abortions and the like.


A letter arrived today from his “wife.” She is on her way to join him in Casablanca.

“My Dearest Wolfgang, I know this will come as a surprise to you, but we are about to be reunited. I have finally managed to acquire travel papers to Casablanca. I left Berlin in great haste, for something has happened and I need your help. I write you now from the ship crossing the Mediterranean. I know this letter will reach you only a day or two before I do, so you will not have to wait for much longer. My darling, I can’t wait to see you again. Yours, -Elsa”

Should make for some interesting scenes… 🙂  More PCs to be posted in the coming days.

-Johnny 0.

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